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For decades women have struggled to find parity in the workplace. They have studied the "boys rules". They have even learned to play golf and speak sports lingo. The problem is that if you are always trying to play somebody else's game, you will always be playing catch-up.

The one rule of business we women have not yet learned and embraced is that women must play on the same team. We must be each other's greatest support, not see each other only as competition. This is not about us versus them, this is about ending the game of us versus us. Women need to come to understand that every woman's success is their success. To truly succeed in business women need to evolve from the world of "I can do it" to the world of "we can do it."

Gail Evans speaks about how women can create their own Rules and how to play by them. In the presentation she covers.

  • New approaches to mentoring
  • Natural networking
  • Rainmaking
  • How to make the women's team work for every business and every women, and every business.

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