"Love the Game"

With those words Gail Evans concludes one of the most successful and influential books about women in the workplace.

Ironically, many women did not even know the game existed before Evans taught them how...

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"Dear Gail,

When I was 16, my first boyfriend told me: "You think too much." At the time, such a statement sent me reeling. Was I "too serious"? Did I need to live a little"? Cut to today: As a twenty-something trying to build a career as a film producer in Hollywood, all that "thinking" proves to only work in my favor. If I wasn't always "thinking" of every avenue to explore, of every detail to attend to, of every call to be made, I'd be going nowhere fast in this town.

Needless to say, Play Like a Man could not be more appropriate! As a Creative Executive for a motion picture production company, your book helped me streamline my job strategy into a more effective model..."

"Dear Ms. Evans,

I would be remiss if I didn't share with you how much of an impact your book has had on my life. From the reading, I discovered why I have been unable to explicitly express, and in turn, aggressively pursue the career I want. I have placed an immeasurable amount of pressure on myself to be 100% perfect. I have felt that if I wasn't 120% prepared, I would be rejected. With this better understanding of rejection and the worked "no", I am no longer afraid to say what I want to say. I am now one step closer to achieving my goals. Thank you for helping me further my map to success."

"Dear Ms. Evans,

MAGNIFICO!!! Play Like A Man, Win Like A Woman is THE guide for career ladies EVERYWHERE!! if work is a poker game, this is a Master Player's Handbook!

A Wise saying goes... there are 2 lasting bequests we can give our Peers - ROOT & WINGS. Your book bequeaths both. Many Thanks. Your blend of reality and optimism on Larry King Live was an elixir. The extra steps towards Executive were made clear. A-AH - EUREKA - YES!!! The mystery of the "Glass Ceiling" was unraveling. Immediately - I went to Amazon.com and ordered your book!!!"

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